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I am a transition coach focused on helping you find what's meaningful to you

Welcome! Thanks for visiting :). I'm happy to share a little bit about me.


The last 10 years have been focused on coaching emerging leaders in the corporate world, MBA and Masters students looking to get their careers started, people working through career and life transitions. And...I love every moment of the work I do.

I have a genuine interest in working with you on your journey to transformation. To help you recognize your innate strengths, values, capabilities, worth, interests and desires.

Transformation is born from hiccups and ultimately leads to a life filled with meaning, joy, love and peace. Like many, I have had my fair share of hiccups along the way and my journey continues. 

5 years ago, I transitioned into the world of higher education and coaching after almost 20 years in the corporate world. I have two teenage daughters, one having just left for University and I've recently been through a separation after many years of marriage.

For many years, I knew that my values were not aligned to the work that I did and this caused a great deal of conflict between my brain and my heart. I was not living the life that I was meant to live and I was stuck. Golden handcuffs, you might say. This is where I am so grateful for the difficult moments that brought on the change and ultimately my transition. Without those moments, I would have never discovered the joy and peace that I have in my life today.

I have come to understand the importance of creating a safe space where you feel comfortable bringing your whole, authentic, vulnerable self to discussions. I believe that transformation happens when we can explore what is under the surface to really understand where you are and where you want to go.

The first step is rediscovering our strengths, values, interests, desires and understanding the linkages between core beliefs, negative patterns of thinking, unhealthy coping mechanisms and stuck energy and dis-ease. Only through this deep introspection is self-awareness possible. And only with self-awareness can we see new perspectives, change and create the life that we want.

I am a certified coach through the International Coach Federation and an EQ-i certified practitioner with certificates in Mindfulness Coaching and Mental Health First Aid. I have a BSc in Psychology from the University of Toronto and a post degree diploma in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion. I am working towards achieving the Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate from the University of Toronto and learning to speak Mandarin. I love running, camping, paddling, dancing, reading and spending time with friends and family.

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