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Our Best Life is on it's Way

Today (and let's face it every day moving forward) is a day of hope and renewal. This past year has taken us off guard and shaken us. Our lives as we knew them are over. They will never be the same. I know so many people who have taken this as an opportunity to re-evaluate things, to re-prioritize. So much of what kept us busy just over a year ago - has disappeared. All we really have to focus on is how we can find joy in life's simple pleasures.

So many of us have gone inwards to figure out what brings us joy. We've rediscovered our creativity through all sorts of mediums. We're writing, singing, reading, crocheting, painting, drawing, knitting, taking photographs. We're also getting outside at record rates and enjoying outdoor activities. Last year, it was impossible to find a kayak, a paddle board, a campsite. This year I found a paddle board (FYI)...and scooped it up! We are bringing things into our lives to grow and nurture. Plants, pets, bread starters, babies! While many of us are spending way to much time on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok...we're reconnecting with and making sure our friends and family are doing ok.

All of that said, this pandemic is getting exhausting. It's pushed us to our limits and shaken us to the core. Our collective mental health has been affected. So much has been taken from us. So many emotions have been stirred up. Many of them conflicting. We don't know what's coming next and that can be scary.

And so, regardless of our religious beliefs, let's take today...Easter remember that with the budding trees and the warming temperatures - there is not only renewal and hope...but there is new life ahead. And whatever new life is in our midst, if we do the right work will be the best life we can ever imagine.

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

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